Saturday, January 5, 2013

Red Hair Dye,Other Stuff+Question

 Hi, everybody! Happy New Year?I hope the holidays were great for all of you and,if not, things will get better!:)
I know I'm not consistent when it comes to posting on the blog but sometimes I'm busy and sometimes I'm out of inspiration.
The next portrait I will do will be of Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars :) I'm not sure when it will be up ,but definitely this month (unless something unexpected happens)
This month will be a pretty busy one for me as I have my first university exam session.I don't know if I should be scared. Considering there are subjects that I don't even know what are about, I probably should :)
The session starts on January 21 and I will kick it off with a Grammatical Structures exam.In fact, it's the only  exam I actually think I'll do good in :)

Another thing that happened in the month of December was this :

I tried to dye my hair bright red but,obviously,that didn't turn out that great.I should have known that I can't turn black hair to a bright red without lightening it first.It turned out a black-dark brown-with burgundy highlights type of color.It's ok,but I was looking for a more drastic change.That would actually be noticeable from afar.I know people say you should bleach dark hair before going red, but that's not gonna happen. Dyeing it is enough , don't need to damage it more.

For all you dark haired girls out there,I do have a question though.Did you get better results with red dye?How bright was it?If I use a blonde dye,what shade would my hair turn out? I tried to highlight my hair blonde a couple of years ago and the highlights turned out an orangey-light brown.That was pretty noticeable :)
Happy New Year !:)
(and btw,the blogiversary was on Christmas Eve, but I was traveling at the time,so Happy late first Birthday to my blog  :)