Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TicketAmerica:the right place for any kind of tickets!

Hey y'all!
Let me introduce you to a site where event lovers will find tickets to all their favorite events.

Whether you want

arctic monkeys tickets or def leopard concert tickets or maybe jerry seinfield theatre tickets ,they have it all!

Disclaimer:The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Concurs BlogAwards!(RO)


Am gasit un nou concurs pentru toti bloggerii din blogosfera romaneasca(trebuie totusi sa ai blog de minim 1 saptamana inainte de inceputul acestui concurs)

Deci,ce trbuie sa faceti ca sa aveti o sansa de castig?

Sa va abonati la newsletter-ul si sa completati formularul de pe ACEASTA pagina.Apoi,daca doriti,puteti sa dati sfoara-n tara pe toate platformele de socializare despre acest concurs.

Si desigur,ce premii vor fi?

Pai,in primul rand ,acest superb netbook:
si inca 4 stick-uri de memorie.Awesome,nu?

Cand se termina?

Cand se vor strange 1000 de abonati la newsletter(in acest moment sunt 480 de abonati si cu mine 481:) ).

Abonati-va si multa bafta!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Friday(2):Elmiplant Shower Gel

Hey guys!My favorite product this week is :
 I won this shower gel a couple of months ago from Cupcake Splendens and I can honestly say it smells better than any other shower gel I've ever tried.I usually like fruity scents but this one ,in my opinion,smells like cake.
It contains Shea butter,avocado butter and almond oil but to me it really smells like some sort of cake,sweet and strong.

What I really love about this Elmiplant shower gel is the fact that the scent lasts longer than any shower gel I've tried .I use it in the evening and the smell lasts until the next morning.
Another plus: it actually makes your skin softer and you can feel that.I've used shower gels that A)didn't do anything for my skin or B)made it dry so this one is definitely a keeper:)

It costs10.50 Lei(approx. 3 US dollars) and it's a Romanian brand ,so I don't know if you can find it outside Romania.

(I wasn't paid to write my opinion  about this product.)

Am castigat acest gel de dus acum cateva luni  de pe blog-ul Cupcake Splendens si pot spune cu toata sinceritatea ca miroase mai bine decat oricare alt gel de dus pe care l-am incercat pana acum.De obicei imi plac aromele fructate dar acesa,dupa parerea mea,miroase  a tort.
Contine unt de shea,unt de avocado si ulei de migdale dar miroase a tort,o aroma dulce si puternica.

Ce imi place foarte mult la acest gel de dus este faptul ca aroma persista foarte mult.Il folosesc de obicei seara si mirosul tine pana dimineata.
Un alt avantaj:chiar imi face pielea catifelata.Am folosit geluri de dus care fie nu-mi ajutau pielea ,fie mi-o faceau chiar mai uscata.

Am citit ca ar costa 10,50 lei si ca se gaseste la dm.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Michael Phelps Portrait+ Favorite Friday(1)

Hi guys!I decided to turn Funny Friday into Favorite Friday because I'm not always in the mood for funny stuff.In this segment I will let you know one of my favorite products at the moment(beauty,food, specific category)every Friday:)

This Friday,let's talk about my favorite shampoo:
                                          (excuse the not-so-high-quality photo,I think my hands were shaking)

It's by Herbal essences and I have it from Germany.I know they have it in Romania,too.
What I absolutely love about this shampoo is that it smells like an exotic mix (mango,pineapple,orange and all those good stuff).
I feel like drinking it every time I use it.(I will never try it,though ) I have greasy hair and I wash it twice a week,alternating the shampoos.I have this one and then another one that has a more subtle scent.

But let me tell you,this shampoo does his job and smells incredible at the same time.How cool is that!If only it was edible :)

And for the second part of my post,I have a portrait of the famous US swimmer....Michael Phelps:

I'm into the Olympics spirit this week,so my next portrait will be US soccer star Hope Solo.
I love your feedback,so please comment and let me know your opinions:)


De acum incolo,in fiecare vineri voi posta despre un produs favorit(indiferent ca e vorba de beauty,haine,mancare etc.

Astazi,vreau sa va prezint samponul meu favorit de la Herbal essences.Il am din Germania,dar am vazut si la noi prin magazine.Ceea ce imi place cel mai mult la acest sampon este mirosul incredibile,exotic(ceva mango ,ananas si alte fructe inrudite cu ele :) )
Nu glumesc cand spun ca imi vine sa-l beau de fiecare data cand il folosesc:) Parul meu se ingrasa repede si il spal de doua ori pe saptamana,alternand sampoanele.Il am pe acesta si inca unul care are un miros mai subtil.

Nu numai ca miroase bine,dar isi face si treaba bine.Il recomad pentru cele cu parul asemanator cu al meu.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christina Aguilera Portrait+Why Not?Wednesday(6)

Hi guys!How are you doing today?I have been watching the Olympics lately .My eyes are practically glued to the TV:) I can't believe 2 weeks fly so fast.I'm really glad the Paralympics start at the end of August.That'll be interesting to watch.
Anyway,here is a C.Aguilera portrait:

And I've been thinking:

Read more and party less.
At least that's what I like to do.Reading the right books helps you so much.Nobody tells you what to read,you pick.Because I noticed ,in my short life,that books read out of curiosity are the books you enjoy  most.To be honest,I disliked books in high school because they didn't interest me at all.But one day I said to myself"Why don't I read something that I want?"
My advice for kids and teens is not"Don't read the books your teacher tells you to and ruin your grades"NO!I'm just saying"If some of the books you have to read suck and you feel like giving up on books,go to a library and find a book that looks interesting and read it!"
Trust me,you'll gain much more from a good book rather than a hangover.
I don't think the couple of hours in which you think you  feel good at a party are worth anything.
If you're not into reading even after my little speech :) than you can go do some sports.You stay fit and healthy and ,who knows?,maybe you'll be the next Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt!:)
(I apologize if my English is not perfect,I'm not a native speaker:) )

Monday, August 6, 2012

DeAuto:Tot ce ai nevoie pentru masina ta!(RO)

Recent am descoperit un site ce ofera tuturor posesorilor de masini tot ce au nevoie pentru masinuta lor.Pe poti gasi piese auto pentru o gramada de modele de masini.Dar oferta nu se opreste aici!Magazinul online mai ofera  diferite accesorii si multimedia .Din cand in cand,are si masina noastra nevoie de cadouri!:)
Site-ul este foarte usor de utilizat si poti gasi rapid ceea ce ai nevoie.Meniul este impartit in 12 categorii.Daca nu gasesti ce iti trebuie,poti cere oferta .Astfel,site-ul are de toate pentru toti.
Produsele se livreaza gratuit in Bucuresti si restul tarii daca ai comanda mai mare de 599 RON.Pentru produsele livrate prin curier,ai posibilitatea de a returna produsul in termen de 10 zile.

I have recently discovered a site that offers all car owners everything they need for their car.On you can find all sort of useful things for many car brands.You can find different multimedia gadgets and car accessories .Now and again,our car can get some "gifts" !:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

How do you deal with immature people?

That's a question I really want answers for.I have to deal with such people everyday because I live with one.I t drives me crazy and I usually react by a) yelling at the top of my lungs or b)throwing something at the wall.I know,I know...this is probably not the right way.

Let's start out by listing some features of an immature person:
a)he/she repeats what you say,just like a parrot 
b)he/she never admits he/she is wrong  even when that's clear as daylight
c)he/she sticks his/her tongue out
d)you can't have a proper conversation with him/her because he/she never listens to you opinion 
..and the list could go on and on 

I bet each and every one of us has met a person like this at least once in our life.But what about living with such a human being?How do you deal with him/her?How about if he/she is over 50?Let me know your experiences in the comments below.That would be very helpful for me.

And now,a photo of a very beautiful place in Romania.I took this photo in 2009 or 2010.I miss the days when I could travel so often.