Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Liebster Award

Hey there :)
I was excited to be awarded a Liebster Award by the wonderful Danica!Thanks so much!
If you don't know how this works, I have to answer 11 questions that Danica asked,say 11 facts about myself ,make up 11 questions and give other 11 bloggers this award. Notice how I use the words "award"and "11" too much? :D

Anyway,moving on to the questions that Danica asked:
1. What is your favourite color?My favorite color is purple. I started liking it when I became a fan of a local football(soccer) team that had a purple-white equipment  but it still is my favorite now after I lost interest in the team.
2.Dogs or Cats?That's a hard one :) I think dogs are more energetic and cats lazier. But because I had a couple of nasty experiences with dogs,I pick cats.
3.Most Favourite Book?The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje. I think it was the first book that made me want to see the  movie,too.And I rarely watch the movie and read the book.
4.What is the Place you want to visit?Since I love traveling,I'm not picky about my travel destinations.To name a few: Israel,Italy,the USA,Australia,Finland(I'm actually going there this summer)
5.Is your blog related with your life or work?Maybe,a little bit. I do artistic "activities' in my everyday life and that reflects in my drawings and posts.
6.What would you blog about your city?There would be some things I could blog about like cultural events,concerts,landmarks,the history of the city .
7.How do you plan your posts?I don't really plan anything.If I get an idea for a blog post while I'm on the computer,I just write it.If I get an idea throughout the day,I'll most likely forget it before I get home :) 
8.What would you DIY?Clothes. I think it would be fun to make my own clothes .
9.Do you have ambitions for your blog? If so, what are they?I just want to see it grow and I want to start writing more posts and also diversify the topics I discuss on my blog.
10.What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a blog?If that's what you want and if it makes you feel good,just do it.It doesn't matter that in the first few months you probably won't have a lot of people reading your blog.In time,if you write content that you're passionate about,people will start noticing.Think of it like this: Your blog is like a public  diary(minus the intimate details :P)
11.Do you write and photograph all your content?Not all of it,but I try to put photos that are my own.And yes,mostly,what I write is my own.
11 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF1.I like watching (and occasionally) playing football very much.I grew up more like a tomboy than a girly girl :)
2.I can't go a day without singing and I would like to join a choir someday.
3.I think that mint filled chocolate and tomato soup are the best things ever :)
4.I enjoy hiking and traveling. I would jump at the chance of going on a tour around the world(preferably in more than 80 days)
5.I insisted on getting my driving license as soon as possible but I'm scared of driving.
6.I rarely fall asleep when I'm in a vehicle even if I haven't  gotten any sleep in a long time and I'm extremely tired.
7.I dream almost every night and I remember dreams that I had 6-7 years ago.
8.My favorite literary genre is non-fictional(mostly psychology)
9.I have no siblings.
10.I want to break a world record somehow :P
11.I'm a religious person.

And now,11 questions that you,dear blogger that I nominate,will have to answer:
1.What is your favorite thing about the season in which you were born?2.Water or soda?3.What types of movies do you enjoy?4.What is a talent that only a few people know you have?5.What determined you to start blogging?6.How do you define love?7.Jeans or leggings?8.What is one thing you like about your hometown?9.Did you go/are you going to college?What did you study/are you studying?10.If life gave you lemons,what would you do? :P11.Do you still see yourself blogging in 5 years from now?

The bloggers that I nominate are:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Perfect Imperfection TAG (RO/EN)

Hello! :)

Ce mai faceti? Sper ca aveti un sfarsit de saptamana minunat!.Revin cu un nou tag, ii multumesc Oanei .Acestea fiind zise, sa trecem la reguli:
How are you?I hope you're having a wonderful week-end!I have a new tag for you(thank you ,Oana,for tagging me).That being said,let's get on to the rules:
  • Enumera 3 defecte fizice ,imperfectiuni care te deranjeaza/List 3 physical flaws that you have and that bother you
  • Numeste 3 calitati fizice ,lucruri care iti plac la tine/Name 3 physical qualities of yours that you like
  • Vorbeste despre ele,exact de ce te deranjeaza iti plac,modul in care te fac sa te simti/Talk about them,what exactly bothers you,why you like those qualities,the way they make you feel
  • Da tag-ul mai departe altor 5 persoane/Tag 5 people

1.Hmm,as putea spune ca primul lucru care ma deranjeaza la mine este nasul,pe locul doi (nu stiu daca  asta se pune) miopia mea :)  (totusi,e o imperfectiune a ochilor) si nu in ultimul rand platfus-ul .

I can say that the 1st thing that bothers me is my nose,the 2nd one is my myopia(that counts as an "eye flaw") and last but not least my flatfoot.

2.Acum sa trecem la partea mai frumoasa a tag-ului :) In  categoria calitati as include buzele, culoarea ochilor si parul.
Now,on to the more beautiful part of the tag :) In the "qualities" category I would include my lips,my eye color and my hair.

3.Sa detaliem toate cele de mai sus. Nasul meu este o combinatie intre un nas lung si unul borcanat si inca de mica mi-a "stat in drum"  :) Cred ca este partea fetei mele care m-a deranjat mereu .
-In 2005 m-am dus pentru prima oara la control la oftalmolog si am aflat ca il mostenesc pe tatal meu cu miopia.Cand eram in scoala primara mereu ma chinuiam sa citesc la tabla asa ca parintii au luat atitudine. Am purtat ochelarii pana in 2008,cred,cand am intrat la liceu si credeam ca toata lumea o sa rada de mine ca port ochelari,asa ca am refuzat sa-i port.Ochelarii actuali ii am din 2010 si nu cred ca-i voi da jos prea curand :)
Cat despre platfus,am aflat de el de abia in 2011 cand am fost la un control pentru o alta problema la picior.Pentru asta mi s-au dat taloneti,dar ii port rar fiindca nu imi amintesc sa ii tot mut dintr-o pereche de pantofi in alta :))
Let's get into detail :) My nose is a combination between a long and a bottle nose and has been "getting in my way" ever since I was a child :) I think it's the part of my face that has always bothered me.
-In 2005 I went to the ophthalmologist for the 1st time and found out that I take after my dad concerning myopia.When I was in elementary school I always had trouble seeing what was written on the blackboard .I got prescription glasses and wore them until 2008,when I decided that going to high school with glasses would be "uncool" ,so I stopped wearing them.I got the glasses I'm wearing today in 2010 and I don't think I'll change them to soon :)
As for the flatfoot, I found out about it in 2011 when I went to an orthopedist for another leg "problem".I bought some inserts to put in my shoes, but I rarely remember to move them from one shoe to another :)

Despre calitati nu sunt multe de zis.Ochii mei sunt maro-inchis care bate spre negru si parul e negru (desi momentan e un amestec intre roscat si brunet).
As for the qualities,there is not much to say.My eyes are dark-brown-almost black and my hair is black(at the moment it's a reddish black)

In mare,am invatat sa ma accept asa cum sunt,cu bune si cu rele.Asa cum spune si citatul din imaginea de sus, " Accepta-te pe tine insuti" :)
Overall,I've learned to accept myself the way I am ,with the good and the bad.Just as the quote in the image says" Accept yourself" :)

4.Dau tagul mai departe urmatoarelor persoane:
I tag the following people :

Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hai sa ne cunoastem mai bine/ Let's get to know each other (TAG)


Am fost nominalizata pentru prima data la o leapsa de catre Oana :) Intrebarile mi se par minunate pentru ca ne permit sa ne cunoastem mai bine si la un nivel mai profund.

For the first time, I was tagged by Oana.The questions in the tag are wonderful because they allow us to get to know each other better and at a deeper level.

Deci,sa incepem:

Lets begin:

1.Descrie-ti viata,in momentul actual,printr-un singur cuvant : Blocata - Nu stiu daca este un cuvant potrivit ca sa descrii viata,dar simt ca sunt blocata intr-un punct al vietii si ca nu pot avansa.Probabil fiindca am luat anumite decizii sub presiune si acum fac ceva ce nu ma face fericita in loc sa-mi fi urmat visul.

Describe your life,as it is today,in just one word : Stuck- I don't know if it's a good word to describe life but I feel like I'm stuck at this point in my life and I can't move forward.Maybe this happened because I took some decisions under pressure and now I'm doing something that doesn't make me happy instead of following my dreams.

2.Daca l-ai "intalni" pe Dumnezeu si ai putea sa ii adresezi o singura intrebare,care ar fi aceasta?: Care este rolul meu in viata?

If you were able to "meet" God and could ask him just one question,what would this question be?: What is my "role" in life?

3.Se spune ca "Niciodata nu trebuie sa zici niciodata".Insa tu esti convinsa ca NICIODATA: nu voi renunta la valorile mele de dragul unei persoane.

People say "Never say never" but you are convinced that you will never: give up my values and beliefs to please a person.

4.Cum ai defini iubirea in cat mai putine cuvinte?:Reciprocitate,comunicare si valori  comune.

How would you define love in as fewer words as possible? Reciprocity, communication and similar beliefs.

5.Daca ai putea sa dai un defect pe o calitate,care ar fi acestea?: As da incapatanarea pe curaj.Incapatanarea e un obstacol in propria dezvoltare,pe cand curajul te ajuta sa mergi inainte.

If you were able to trade a flaw for a quality,which would these be? I would trade stubbornness for courage.Stubbornness is an obstacle for personal growth,while courage helps you move forward.

6.Daca o persoana iti face rau in mod intentionat,cum reactionezi?Ii platesti cu aceeasi moneda sau o ierti?:  Probabil ca pe moment as avea dorinta de razbunare si as incerca sa-mi dau seama de ce a facut-o ,dar in final o voi ierta pentru a putea trai cu constiinta impacata.

If someone hurts you willingly,how do you react?Do you do the same thing he/she did to you or forgive him/her?: On the moment,I would probably want to take revenge and I would try to figure out why they did it but in the end I would forgive that person t o have a clear conscience.

7.Te-ai intrebat vreodata care ar fi "rolul" tau in aceasta lume?.Si daca raspunsul este afirmativ,ai gasit un raspuns?: Da,m-am intrebat de multe ori .O viata traita fara un "rol" si fara un scop este o viata traita degeaba, in opinia mea. Cred este o intrebare tipica pentru tinerii care ajung la varsta studentiei si cauta sa "aiba un loc" in lume.Si nu, nu am gasit inca raspunsul la intrebare,dar din fericire mai am timp.

Did you ever ask yourself what your "role" is in this world?If yes,did you find the answer?:Yes,I've asked myself that many times.I think living a life without a "role" and a goal is an empty life,I thing it's a typical question for students  who are trying to find "their place" in life.And no,I haven't found the answer to this question yet but luckily I've still got time.

8.Ce ai schimba la oameni?: Departarea de credinta si valori morale.

What would you change at people?: Their alienation from faith and moral beliefs.

9.Daca ai putea da timpul inapoi ai schimba ceva din trecutul tau?: Sunt parti din trecutul meu care as fi dorit sa fie altfel,dar nu a stat in puterea mea sa le schimb. Dar ceea ce s-a intamplat in trecut m-a facut sa fiu omul care sunt astazi si chiar daca am defecte pe care cred ca le-am dobandit pe parcursul vietii mele de pana acum,stiu ca daca nu le-as avea pe acestea ,as avea altele. Oricum, toti ne luptam cu defecte.

If you were able to turn back time,would you change something about your past?: There are parts of my  past that I wish would have been different, but I was not in control of them.What has happened in the past made me the person I am today and even if I have flaws that "I picked up" along the way,I know that if I didn't have these,I would have other flaws.Everyone "fights" with their flaws.

10.Care este persoana pe care o admiri cel mai mult?: Probabil mama.O admir pentru faptul ca a reusit sa treaca peste atatea greutati in viata si totusi a ramas rabdatoare si a rezistat.

Who is the person you admire the most?: Probably my mom. I admire her for getting over the hard times in her life and still managing to be patient .

11.Ce faci cand vezi pe cineva necunoscut plangand?: Sigur,toti suntem oameni si primul meu instinct e sa il/o consolez,dar cum nu am curajul sa o fac.De asemenea, ma intristez fiindca este normal sa "plangi cu cei ce plang".

What do you do when you see a person you don't know crying?: Of course, we are all humans ans my first instinct is to console him/her but I'm not brave enough to  do that.I also get sad because it's  normal  " to cry with those who cry".

12.Daca ai afla ca mai ai doar o zi de trait cum ti-ai petrece-o?: Probabil incercand sa ajut cat mai multi oameni cu un zambet,o fapta buna si sa recapitulez tot ce am facut pana acum in viata.As cere iertarea tuturor celor carora le-am gresit(daca pot ajunge la ei) si as incerca sa fac anumite lucruri pe care mereu mi-am dorit sa le fac. (Cam multe intr-o singura zi,stiu :) )

If you found out that you had just one more day to live, how would you spend it?: I would probably try to help as many people as I can with a smile, a good deed and try to do a recap of my life.I would ask for forgiveness of the people I did wrong to(if I can reach them) and I would try to do some things that I've always wanted to do ( I know, too many things in one day :) )

13.Gandeste-te cum erai acum 5 ani,ce aspiratii si vise aveai?Ai realizat ceva din tot ceea ce aveai in plan?:  Acum 5 ani eram in primul an de liceu.Probabil ca prima mea dorinta era sa-l si termin :) Si am reusit asta.De asemenea, vroiam sa imi iau carnetul de conducere cat mai repede.Si am reusit si asta.La varsta aceea, visele tale sunt cam... limitate.Nu-mi pot aminti alte aspiratii.

Think about how you were 5 years ago,what dreams and aspirations did you have? Did you make any of your dreams come true?: 5 years ago I was a freshman in high school.My first wish was probably to finish high school :) And I did that.I also wanted to get my driving licence as soon as possible.And I did that ,too.At that age, your dream are kind can't remember any other aspirations I had.

14.Daca ai putea sa afli ceva din viitorul tau ce anume ai vrea sa stii?: Nimic.Imi place necunoscutul,spontanul.Nu as putea suporta sa stiu ceva inainte sa se intample.
If you were able to find out anything about your future,what would you want to know?: Nothing.I like the unknown,the spontaneous.I couldn't stand knowing about something before it happened.

15.Te deranjeaza cand alta persoana face un lucru pe care nu il suporti,insa tu la randul tau il faci : Cand incerci sa ai o conversatie cu cineva si celalalt nu introduce subiecte noi si pare total dezinteresat.Din pacate, fac si eu asta cateodata, dar "lupt" cu acest defect.
You are bothered when someone else does it,but you do it yourself: When you're trying to have a conversation with someone and the other person doesn't  come up with topics and seems totally disinterested. Unfortunately,I do that sometimes but I'm "fighting" this flaw.

Multumesc,Oana pentru ca mi-ai transmis aceasta leapsa.Am sa o transmit si ultimilor 10 urmaritori ai blogului meu,dar oricine doreste o poate face :)
Thank you for tagging me,Oana.I'm tagging my last 10 GFC followers but anyone can do it.
Persoanele carora le transmit leapsa sunt:
The people I'm tagging are:
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