Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book review:Don't call it night(Amos Oz)

Hey guys!I've recently finished reading this book which I received as a prize from one of my ex-teachers.This is the first time I've ever read a book by an Israeli author.
Goodreads says:"In this “extraordinary novel from a great and true voice of our time” (Washington Post), a teenage drug overdose throws a closely knit Negev Desert settlement into turmoil - and tests the limits of a precarious love affair. A New York Times Notable Book of the Year. Translated by Nicholas de Lange."

I say:The book centers around the relationship between a 45 year old woman(Noa) and a 60 year old man(Teo) who live together in a small town in Israel in the middle of the desert :Tal Keidar.She is a teacher and one of her students,a shy 17 year old boy,dies of a drug overdose.The boy's father,who lives in Nigeria,comes back to Israel and askes Noa to open up a rehabilitation center in Tal Keidar in memory of his son.From now on the story focuses on the struggles Noa has to go through to open up this center and the impact this has on her relationship with Teo.

What I liked: The way Amos Oz describes Tal Keidar and the people is great.It really transported me to that peaceful place.

What I didn't like:I think such an age difference between Noa and Teo is weird because I've never been a fan of these kind of relationships.All the intimate scenes between those two made me want to turn the page:) 

Overall,I'll give this one 8/10.

PS:I read the book in Romanian and it looks something like this:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Euro 2012 Finale!

On July 1st Euro 2012 is coming to an end!Too bad,I enjoyed all the games but unfortunately the team I am supporting was kicked out of the competition last night by Italy.I admire Germany for the way they fought till the end and I hope to see them fight again in Brazil in 2014:) Meanwhile,Spain and Italy are in the finale!Do you want to see Spain win a trophy again after Euro 2008 and 2010 World Cup or do you want to see the "squadra azzura"stop Spain from achieving this amazing performance?I would like to know your opinion in the comments :) May the best win!

Sweet Summer Recipe!

Hi guys!Lately I've been curious about different desserts I can make.I really love Tiramisu but I thought"Why not experiment?" and I tried something with pineapples,ladyfingers and cocoa cream.So this is what I used:
-200 grams of ladyfingers
-canned pineapples(1)
For the cocoa cream:
-150 grams butter
 -3 spoons of powder sugar
-1 egg
-3 full spoons of cocoa powder
Take a bowl and mix the butter with sugar.Then add the egg and the cocoa powder.I used almond essence ,too.You can put rum essence or not put anything at all.You leave the canned pineapple in the can but you let the pineapple syrup drop out in another bowl.You take a big plate and put a layer of ladyfingers that you have previously soaked in pineapple syrup.Next you put a layer of cocoa cream and lastly a layer of pineapple bits.You repeat this process till you're out of ingredients:)
To be honest,mine was way too sweet for my taste .If you want to make it less sweet I recommend you use fresh pineapple ,which is not as sweet.You could soak the ladyfingers in water instead of sweet syrup.Overall,it tastes better the next day:)
This is how it looks:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This or That?Survey:)

McDonalds or Burger King?They're both unhealthy,so none
Pepsi or Coke?None,I prefer water:)
Sierra Mist or Sprite?I have no idea what Sierra Mist is,so..Sprite
Dominos or Pizza Hut?No preference
Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays?None
Pancakes or waffles?Pancakes
Hamburgers or cheeseburgers?Hamburgers
Meat or veggies?I like both the same
Vanilla or chocolate?Chocolate all the way:)
Abercrombie or Hollister?None
Boxers or briefs?Is this a question for girls?
Collar: popped or regular?Regular
Jeans or skirt?None,I prefer shorts or trousers
Sneakers or flip-flops?Sneakers
*NYSNC or Backstreet Boys?Backstreet Boys
50 Cent or 2pac?None,I'm not into rap
Country or rap?Country
Rob Thomas or Maroon 5?Maroon 5,they're great
Goo Goo Dolls or Matchbox 20?Goo Goo Dolls
Porcupine Tree or Opeth? ;)What?!
The Other Sex
Face or body?Face
Chest or heinie?Chest
Hair: short or long?Short
Brunette or blonde?No preference
Candy or flowers?Flowers
Hugs or kisses?Both:)
Friends with benefits or date?Date
MySpace or Facebook?Facebook
AIM or MSN?None,I rarely use messenger
TV or movie?Movie
Cell phone or iPod?Cell phone
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Black or white?Aren't they non-colors?I wear both
Red or blue?Red
Gold or silver?Silver
Yellow or orange?Yellow
Pink or purple?Purple
Summer or Winter?Summer
Fall or Spring?Spring...Fall is ok too
Rain or thunderstorm?Rain
Snow or rain?Snow..I know,I'm confusing:)
Would you rather...
Shower or bathe?Bathe
Play an instrument or sing?Sing
Play ping-pong or pool?Pool
Be hot or cold?Hot
Are you...
Quiet or loud?Quiet
Immature or immature?2xImmature:)
Ugly or hott?Average:)
Smart or stupid?Smarter than stupid
Gay or straight?Straight
Dogs or cats?No preference
Pen or pencil?Depends on what I have to write
Bush or Kerry?None
Canada or Australia?Australia 'cause I like their accent
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Update:I didn't forget about the blog:)

Hey guys!Sorry for not posting anything in a long time.I was busy with graduation,traveling and other stuff.I promise I will start doing portraits after all my exams.My last one is on the 6th of July.In the meantime,summer is here WOOHOO !:)