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Traveling is expensive? Let's talk about that

After a very long break from my blog , I would like to adress an isue that has probably been talked about by lots of people. If you are a member of some sort of Nomads groups on Facebook, then you can see how every day someone posts his or her travel plan (by foot, bike etc) and you might be thinking one or all the following : How does she have that much time? I work like crazy and maybe even have children whom I have to take care of. Where on earth did he get the money from? I'm still struggling to survive and pay the rent. How much money does one need to travel for months? They're like in their 20s, they couldn't have saved so much money. I want to do that. Ok,maybe not hitchhiking because of all the creeps and not camping because of ,you know, bugs....and wilderness. But I want to go on holidays without feeling like ,when I come back, I have no money left. If you're not thinking any of that, then have fun on the Seychelles. So what is the point of this a
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Thoughts of a kid who knows what he wants,but doesn't know how to get there(1)

9 th of November,around noon, a bus going to Bucharest Otopeni Airport.There were hardly any people in the bus and the weather was foggy and somewhat depressing.The sound of whatever Romanian radio station was blasting through my headphones,as I was sitting with the small backpack between my legs.I was excited to be here. Not necessarily in the bus,but on the way to the airport,to my plane who will ultimately take me to Germany.Ok,not Germany,but Switzerland.But I would get to Germany the same day. My phone starts ringing.I look at the name on the screen ."Mum Home".Great,I haven't even left the country yet and my mother is calling to convince me of something. I bought a return ticket for my trip but warned my mother that I might not use it and come a week later. Apparently she wanted me to not postpone my return and come back on the 19 th ,when I was supposed to.I had to attend classses,she said. Oh,did I forget to mention? I'm a student in my last year a

Tourism- bringing the best out of the world!

As a young solo traveler, whenever I plan my next trip I somehow always end up focusing on big names on the map, such as London, Stockholm or some other capital city promoted on the Internet.I don't know how other travelers think, but I don't know if the small village of Sapanta  in the north of Romania( ) is somehwere on their travel list.Or the small town of Medjugorje in Bosnia&Herzegovina.    Before turning 18 ,I went on many roadtrips with my father in my country ,Romania, and got to see almost all it has to offer.Yes,Romania is one of the ex-communist countries of Eastern Europe.And yes,it is behind Western Europe and the U.S. in many aspects.But what I have noticed in the small,poor villages I passed through were the tourists who realized that having a good holiday doesn't mean going to Paris. There were not as many as I wished there were but I think that Romania is slowly  progressing now that tourism i

Smile : It's your right to be happy!

Hello ,lovely people of the world! Today is a new beautiful day, perfect to take a break  from our daily activities and think a little bit about some important issues facing youth all over the world. First of all, the World Conference on Youth 2014 is just around the corner and this year it will take place in exotic,beautiful  Colombo in Sri Lanka. The conference is a meeting place for youth to discuss and ponder on some important issues such as Youth Rights and Gender Equality. Speaking of which, young people have a huge impact on culture and sports and all sorts of recreational activities that they get involved in but, at the same time , those activities have a great influence on them, shaping their views which they will use later on in their jobs and personal lives. All the features that people want to find in their friends and that employers ask of their employees can be easily learnt through sports and activities. Sharing your culture with others is also an invaluable "

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Giveaway

Enter the giveaway to win the luxurious and sophisticated Vice 2 Palette from Urban Decay a $59 value . Enjoy: Description: Experiment with insanely cool brights, not-your-average neutrals, and sexy hits of smoke, all in our decadent, revamped formula. In case you weren’t around for the frenzy of the original Vice Palette, here’s the deal: yes, Vice 2 is limited edition and it WILL sell out. (With 20 EXCLUSIVE shades you won’t find anywhere else, what would you expect!?) What you get: Smokeout (dark taupey-black satin), Lovesick (black matte w/iridescent micro-glitter), Shellshock (bright metallic silver), Coax (medium metallic pink w/golden iridescent micro-sparkle), X-Rated (baby pink satin), Prank (deep navy matte w/turquoise floating pearl), Madness (bright metallic blue shimmer w/blue micro-glitter), Strike (antique gold shimmer w/silver micro-glitter), Stash (deep olive green shimmer w/iridescent micro-sparkle), Poison (charcoal satin w/iridescent micro-sparkle), Radar (met

Israel: a mix between the expected and the unexpected

I can't believe it has been more than a week since I came back from the Holy Land.I still miss it and want to go back there to see all the places I haven't seen yet.And trust me, 4 days is a ridiculously short amount of time to spend there. Why 4 days ,you ask? Firstly,I'm a student and secondly,I'm a student :) In other words,staying for a shorter amount of time means spending less money(at least it should) and I also went on this trip during the academic year(yes, I skip classes quite a lot-that's what happens when you don't like what you're studying) So,if you ever wanted to travel to Israel but thought "It's too expensive!" or "I'm gonna die in  a terrorist attack!" ,think again because none of it is true if you find a cheap flight and avoid eye contact with strange looking men on the street so you don't get unwanted attention (common sense,right?). I am of course writing this from a young woman's perspective, bu

Portrait: Cara Delevingne + GoFundMe Campaign

Hola! I'm back with a new portrait after quite a long time. I did this portrait back in summer but I didn't like how some parts turned out so I kept postponing this post. I'm finally posting it now, even though I'm not 100 % happy with it. I've also recently come back from Israel and it was quite the experience.I might write a post about it in the near future.What do you think? I've also started a campaign on to raise money for a big tour of Europe I'm planning for next summer. I would deeply appreciate it if you could share it on social media or help me in any way you can ( my link ) :) As usual, I'm waiting for your portrait suggestions in the comments. Have a super happy evening :D