Friday, July 12, 2013

The artsy corner : Poetry

Hi guys!
It's Friday once again and you know what that means: let's go dancing and have fun 'cause it's the weekend ☺ No,but really...a little dancing won't hurt.
Today I was debating whether to make a Favorite Friday post or go with my artistic impulse.Guess who won..That's right, I want to share two sad  poems with you today. Why sad? Because that's the only way I write poems .


A single thought that makes your mind race fast
And brings your wandering soul into the past
Relive the moments,smiles and laughter
And think again, before and after

Where were your thoughts before we met?
'Cause all you eyes show is regret
Don't waste a single minute more
I needn't have shown you the door

And as your thoughts go on each day
They never stop,come what may
No one I know would stand a chance
To pull you up and make you dance

Shade of grey

It was a cold October night
I saw your face in different light
There  was a sparkle in your eye
It was almost begging me to cry

Suddenly,the chilly air
I felt it sting and could not bear
The truth I once denied with force
You blinked and life changed its course

Whatever happened in those days?
You saw the sun and caught the rays
The fire built up in your heart
I pushed "forward",you "restart"

Now I am stuck and you are walking
You can't hear me but I'm talking
My whispers are as loud as breath
Your big eyes hunt me like a threat

And as your heart is catching fire
I just give in and cut the wire
You were to me what words can't say
I was to you a shade of grey

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review:Geanta de organizare obiecte izolata termica/Car organizing bag

Acum cateva saptamani am primit spre testare o geanta de organizare obiecte izolata termica de la Best Auto Vest .Cum nu m-as putea descrie drept o persoana organizata,aceasta geanta imi este de un real ajutor.Am primit coletul 2 zile dupa ce m-am inscris in campanie.Am uitat sa fac poze la colet cand l-am primit,dar pot sa va arat cum era" impachetat" inauntru.
A couple of weeks ago I received for review a car organizing bag from a Romanian shop that sells anything car related.As I'm not really an organized person ,this bag really comes in handy.I received the package 2 days after I applied.  
Era intr-un ambalaj de plastic care se putea agata in cuier ,deci foarte practic . Geanta era pliata si avea descrierea in mai mutle limbi pe cartonul rosu.

Geanta are 3 compartimente mari,dintre care unul este izolat termic(se vede ca are o folie argintie desupra):
When I got it,it was in this practical plastic bag that has a little hanger.The bag was folded up and there was a description of the product in several languages on the red cardboard.The bag has 3 big compartments, one of which is thermally insulated.
Compartimentul izolat termic are si "acoperis",deci il poti inchide cu fermoarul ca sa pastreze temperatura:
The thermally insulated compartment can be closed with a zipper so it keeps the temperature as it should:
Din cate am observat ,compartimentele au cam aceeasi dimensiune si cred ca incap acolo destule produse incat sa-i ajunga unei familii de 7 persoane :) Geanta are toarte de o parte si de alta asa ca poate fi transportata de la masina in casa sau oriunde vreti voi.E nevoie de doua persoane totusi,unul tine de o parte,celalalt de alta parte.

Pe partea inferioara,are niste scai pentru a ramane "fixata" in portbagaj sau pe orice alta suprafata textila.

Deci ,si prin urmare :p ,e practica,incapatoare si o recomand tuturor care vor sa-si organizeze obiectele in masina si nu numai!
As far as I have noticed,the compartments are of the same size and I think there is enough space to fill with food for a family of 7 :) The bag has handles on either side so you can take it from the car to wherever you want.Two people are required to move the bag ,though.
On the bottom,it has velcro so it sticks to any textile surface. It is practical,capacious and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to organize objects in his/her car or any other space!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I love coincidences ☺

Hi guys! :)
How's your week-end going?Hope you're enjoying a sunny,warm day..I'm typing this as I listen to the rain .The weather in this part of the world has been unusually moody and rainy .

We did have a couple of nice days this week and I took advantage of that by going on a 2 day long hike with my father.You probably don't know this but I'm a big hiking fan(it probably has something to do with growing up seeing the forest everyday ..just a guess :p).

We planned on going to the highest peak in Romania which is Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m).The peak is located in Fagaras Mountains (now for a little bit of a geography lesson ^^) in the Carpathians. What really struck me about these mountains,or this peak to be more specific,is that we met more foreigners than Romanians.Apparently , people come from other continents to see the peak.It was really interesting to see different kinds of coins that people left there or reminders that they have been there.
We started climbing on Wednesday at 10 or so in the morning and it took us approximately 8 hours to get to to the place where we would spend the night before leaving for the peak the next day.It was an extremely tiring experience seeing as I was not "fit".The last time I had went hiking was more than a month earlier and it wasn't as difficult.Still,pain or no pain,we made it to the hut in one piece and I couldn't be more grateful for a hot soup and a bed.I do admit it was one of the most cold and uncomfortable beds I have ever slept in but ,hey,in those circumstances it was a luxury hotel.

Can you see the hut?It looks so tiny :D
The main reason why I wanted to spend a night in the mountains was to see the sunrise from up there.So,consequently,after taking a walk(more like an obstacle ride) along the lake shore next to the hut,we went to sleep at about 9 .

The lake in the morning

The sun trying to peak from behind the clouds
We woke up at 6 or so in the morning  and climbed our way to the peak accompanied by a dog and really cold/windy/foggy weather. The rest is just a whirlwind of excitement,snow,fear,intense pain,happiness and gratitude.
Our companion that we shared lunch with

I broke my record of walking/hiking 12 hours in a day  as I managed to walk for almost 14 hours.Both my dad and I were limping like we had just come from some sort of war by the time we reached the city where we left our car.But we still had 2 km to go and I was already feeling like I was about to give up and just doze off and sleep in the middle of the road for the night. 

Thank God,I did not give up and a really kind man gave us a ride for the last 2 km.

Now,to the second story:the one about coincidences. I really love them,and this time a coincidence helped a lady find her dogs .

On our way up,on Wednesday, a kilometer or so from the place we parked our car,we ran into 3 dogs in the middle of the forest.They looked well-groomed and two of them had leashes,so we just assumed some evil person abandoned them there because he didn't want them anymore.One of them was hurt and it was crying all the time.They started following us and eventually we gave them food and became best friends :D They were our companions for five hours until we reached this hut :
That was when we  ran into a herd of sheep and two herdsmen.My dad thought it was best to talk to the herdsmen and convince them to keep the dogs there.At least they would have food and a place they belonged to.They didn't follow us after that.
Two of the dogs

On Thursday(the next day),as we reached a village,after 13 hours of walking,I decided to stop and sit on a rock.Just then, a car stopped next to us and the woman who was driving asked us if we hadn't seen a dog.
We said no.My dad asked how it looked and then the woman described 3 brown dogs.They were 3?If only the woman knew where her dogs were now. My dad explained everything and the woman looked relieved but still concerned as her dogs were so far away. Apparently,her nephews released the dogs from their leashes and they ran away ..

It's just amazing to think that if we hadn't run into the dogs that day and walked on that road at the same time the woman was driving on it the next day,no way on Earth would she have ever found them.I just hope she or someone close to her climbs up to that hut and gets the dogs back.

Amazing how some things work out,no?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet 'n' Sour :Lemon Cupcakes Recipe

Hello,darlings! On this cold Monday afternoon I thought about sharing another cupcake recipe.I really like the taste of lemon in a cupcake .This is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer afternoon on the beach with a glass of whatever you fancy :) But honestly,it's tasty no matter the season.

Now that I'm finally over with all the exams and have just started my 3 month long vacation,I will be cooking/baking more but most of all ,travel :) That's what summer is for.

Moving on now..this is what you need for your lovely lemon cupcakes:

  • 250 grams of all- purpose flour(250 grame faina)
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder(1 lingura praf de copt)
  • a pinch of salt( un varf de cutit de sare)
  • 240 ml milk( 240 ml lapte)
  • the zest of 2 lemons( coaja a 2 lamai)
  • 60 ml lemon juice(60 ml suc de lamaie)
  • 4 egg- whites( 4 albusuri)
  • 300 grams of granulated sugar(300 grame zahar granulat)
  • 115 grams of butter( 115 grame unt)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract( 1 lingurita extract de vanilie)
If you have everything ready , what are you waiting for? Let's start mixing everything :P
First of all,preheat your oven.I preheat mine a couple of minutes before putting the  cupcake batter in because my oven doesn't show the temperature.(I have an ancient oven).


  1. Mix the flour,baking powder and salt.(Amestecati  faina,praful de copt si sarea)
  2. In another bowl,mix the milk,lemon juice and egg whites .(In alt vas,amestecati laptele,sucul de lamaie si albusurile)
  3. In bowl number 3,mix the lemon zest with the sugar.Add the butter,take a hand mixer and mix for about 3 minutes.Add the vanilla extract.(In vasul numarul 3,amestecati coaja de lamaie cu zaharul.Adaugati untul si amestecati cu mixerul in jur de 3 minute.Adaugati extractul de vanilie)
  4. In bowl number 3,pour one third of the flour and mix.Then pour one half of the milk-lemon juice-egg-whites mixture and mix yet again.Then pour another third of the flour,the other half of the milk mixture and  finally the last part of the flour-baking powder-salt mixture.Make sure to mix well anytime you add .(In vasul #3,turnati o treime din faina si amestecati.Apoi turnati jumatate din amestecul de lapte ,suc de lamaie si albusuri si amestecati din nou.Turnati a doua treime din faina,cealalta jumate din lapte si la sfarsit ultima treime faina.Nu uitati sa amestecati bine dupa fiecare adaugare.)
  5. Mix everything one more time at the end.(Amestecati totul onca o data la sfarsit)
  6. Pour the batter in cupcake liners and put them in your preheated oven for about 18 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.( Turnati compozitia in hartii pentru briose si puneti-le  in cuptorul preincalzit in jur de 18 minute sau pana cand scobitoarea iese curata)

Enjoy your cupcake!