Friday, October 18, 2013

Review& Giveaway:GungHo or how to give your brain a boost!

Hello lovely people of the world!

Autumn has finally come!(not that I missed it) You know what that means,right? Coming home from the wonderful summer holidays and starting school/work again.
In my case,college.And if you're a student yourself,you probably go to sleep after midnight and wake up early in the morning just to find yourself falling asleep in class and wondering what the heck you're doing wrong. So when I got the opportunity to try out GungHo,a drink that claims to boost your energy and focus, I did a "happy dance " :)

I got my trial pack which looks like this and consists of 3 little pouches(I had already tried one):

Let me tell you what I think of it and what effects it had on me.
As it says on the package, I drank GungHo after having eaten something(namely breakfast) .The taste is bitter, sweet and sour at the same time,which is great with me.It's not your typical artificial soda flavor.

I went on with my day(which was my day off actually) ,but I did use my brain to learn some new Finnish words(as I'm in the process of learning Finnish at the moment). I can tell you this : I did feel more energetic than usual (not hyper or anything,just more awake :) ) and I was more productive in the Finnish department. It was literally past midnight and my brain would still keep me awake and make me practice Finnish in my head.

So,for me, it did have an effect.A good one.Not to mention the packaging is cute:D

Got you interested? Want to give your brain a boost and stay awake for a college party? :D Or maybe stay awake to learn,if you are that type of student.Or maybe you're not a student. Doesn't matter.

3 of you wonderful readers will win a trial-pack so you can test GungHo for yourself! :D Yay,that's exciting!* happy dance*

It's international,too :D  Just complete the entries in Rafflecopter. Have fun!

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Disclaimer: I received this product for review free of charge.I am not responsible for the shipping of the prize.