Friday, December 5, 2014

Thoughts of a kid who knows what he wants,but doesn't know how to get there(1)

9th of November,around noon, a bus going to Bucharest Otopeni Airport.There were hardly any people in the bus and the weather was foggy and somewhat depressing.The sound of whatever Romanian radio station was blasting through my headphones,as I was sitting with the small backpack between my legs.I was excited to be here. Not necessarily in the bus,but on the way to the airport,to my plane who will ultimately take me to Germany.Ok,not Germany,but Switzerland.But I would get to Germany the same day.

My phone starts ringing.I look at the name on the screen ."Mum Home".Great,I haven't even left the country yet and my mother is calling to convince me of something. I bought a return ticket for my trip but warned my mother that I might not use it and come a week later. Apparently she wanted me to not postpone my return and come back on the 19th,when I was supposed to.I had to attend classses,she said. Oh,did I forget to mention? I'm a student in my last year and have been away from home most of the time ,rather than being in the classroom ,carefully listening to what the lecturer had to say and pretending I'm interested and I actually care about the subject.

Yes,yes, I was stuck studying something I'm not interested in .Nothing new,it happens.The thing is I fell in love with a city(and unfortunatelly a man) who was some 2000 miles away.And I had no clue whether I should give up my studies now and blindly go to this country ,the language of which I had limited knowledge of and try to get a job with my limited professional experience or just resign and be depressed sitting in class every day for the next 7 months.

"That's why I'm going there now,to find the answer to such important questions" I told myself and the people around me everyday.

The bus finally arrived.I had already told my mum I can't promise her an exact date when I'll be back.My flight to Basel was pleasant,as pleasent as a flight with a low cost airline can be.Prior to leaving,I had writen down the directions of how to get from one train station to the other by foot.I've always preferred walking,it allowed me to discover the city so much better by either getting lost or walking in circles. This time,surprisingly, none of these happened and I reached my destination,the Basel Bad Bahnhof,bought a train ticket to Freiburg and told myself not to buy anything in Switzerland.It's too expensive. My first stop will be the small town of Freiburg, where I already had a host whom I had met for a walk a couple of months before. I spent the next 3 days exploring the small city ,encountering new things and awesome people,but somehow my thoughts always returned to Stuttgart,my hometown away from home....


  1. Oh, you must update and tell us about this city, this man, and whether you came home or not!

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