Friday, June 29, 2012

Sweet Summer Recipe!

Hi guys!Lately I've been curious about different desserts I can make.I really love Tiramisu but I thought"Why not experiment?" and I tried something with pineapples,ladyfingers and cocoa cream.So this is what I used:
-200 grams of ladyfingers
-canned pineapples(1)
For the cocoa cream:
-150 grams butter
 -3 spoons of powder sugar
-1 egg
-3 full spoons of cocoa powder
Take a bowl and mix the butter with sugar.Then add the egg and the cocoa powder.I used almond essence ,too.You can put rum essence or not put anything at all.You leave the canned pineapple in the can but you let the pineapple syrup drop out in another bowl.You take a big plate and put a layer of ladyfingers that you have previously soaked in pineapple syrup.Next you put a layer of cocoa cream and lastly a layer of pineapple bits.You repeat this process till you're out of ingredients:)
To be honest,mine was way too sweet for my taste .If you want to make it less sweet I recommend you use fresh pineapple ,which is not as sweet.You could soak the ladyfingers in water instead of sweet syrup.Overall,it tastes better the next day:)
This is how it looks:


  1. I am a fan of playing around in the kitchen and coming up with new & fun stuff! Even when it comes out 'off'... you can always adjust!! :)

    1. Me too!Especially now in summer with all the yummy fruits:)

  2. Nice recipe,looks good :)
    Gonna try for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for your sweet comment!:)