Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christina Aguilera Portrait+Why Not?Wednesday(6)

Hi guys!How are you doing today?I have been watching the Olympics lately .My eyes are practically glued to the TV:) I can't believe 2 weeks fly so fast.I'm really glad the Paralympics start at the end of August.That'll be interesting to watch.
Anyway,here is a C.Aguilera portrait:

And I've been thinking:

Read more and party less.
At least that's what I like to do.Reading the right books helps you so much.Nobody tells you what to read,you pick.Because I noticed ,in my short life,that books read out of curiosity are the books you enjoy  most.To be honest,I disliked books in high school because they didn't interest me at all.But one day I said to myself"Why don't I read something that I want?"
My advice for kids and teens is not"Don't read the books your teacher tells you to and ruin your grades"NO!I'm just saying"If some of the books you have to read suck and you feel like giving up on books,go to a library and find a book that looks interesting and read it!"
Trust me,you'll gain much more from a good book rather than a hangover.
I don't think the couple of hours in which you think you  feel good at a party are worth anything.
If you're not into reading even after my little speech :) than you can go do some sports.You stay fit and healthy and ,who knows?,maybe you'll be the next Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt!:)
(I apologize if my English is not perfect,I'm not a native speaker:) )


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