Friday, March 30, 2012

Funny Friday week 2 and I'm leaving town!

Hey y'all!  Made it to Funny Friday week 2:) Last night I watched a really cool soccer game between Athletic Bilbao and Schalke 04.I don't know if you're familiar with European soccer,but maybe you'll laugh at these funny football players names:
-Ars Bandeet (Algeria)
- Segar Bastard(England)
- Erich Beer(Germany)
 -Norman Conquest(Australia)
- Creedence Clearwater Couto(Brazil)
- Roberto Dinamite(Brazil)
 -Charlie Faultless(Scotland)
- Have-A-Look Dube(Zimbabwe)
- Dominique Dropsy(France)
- Cerezo Fung A Wing(Denmark)
- Two-Boys Gumede(South Africa)
-Danny Invincible(Danny Invincible) he really?:)
-Mario Licka(The Czech Republic)
-Nathan Modest(England)

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I'm leaving town tomorrow,which is Saturday(the time difference between LA and my town is 9 hours).No more blog posts until next Thursday:(  I want to come up with a good "Think about it Thursday" till then and hopefully with Sophia Bush' portrait.(PS: I can't believe One Tree Hill is coming to an end).

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  2. Some of those are hilarious! Have a great trip!


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