Friday, February 22, 2013

Portrait: Shay Mitchell(PLL) & More to come

Hi there! :)

I know it's almost the end of February and my last post was way back in January but now my first exam session is over and I can finally relax and stop reading all sorts of courses I don't really care about.

To be honest,it went better than I expected. I passed all exams with good marks and I have yet to receive marks for two other essays. I start the second semester this Monday and I'm really excited for spring :) and summer ! But it's a long way to go till summer.

Last month I got a portrait request (well,actually two) from Lola Vibe and I managed to do the Shay Mitchell portrait. Here it is :

She also requested Lil Kim, so that's who I'll draw next.

I've also been trying out different dessert recipes just because :) I have no idea why I've been so into chocolate and bananas this week,but both recipes I'll post in the near future contain these two ingredients.

I hope I get more ideas for future posts because I felt like my inspiration  was just gone these past couple of months.

Have a great weekend and enjoy it with your loved ones! :)


Thanks for your sweet comment!:)