Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To read Tuesday(3):404 Self Improvement Tips

This is an e-book that I downloaded a couple of months ago and I'm really excited to read.I'm a huge fan of self help books,"how to" guides and psychology books.I'm not that much into e-books,but when I'm out of "real" books I read e-books on my PC.I'm still currently reading a "General Psychology" book in Romanian.I think I have been reading it since February:) There's something about e-books that really makes me avoid them.It's probably because I don't like having my eyes stuck to the computer screen so much .Nothing compares to the feeling of a book in your hands.And the smell of new paper^^ If I could make a perfume that smells like books,I would:) I know,I'm crazy:)

Keep smiling(I know you are):)

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