Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seen it Saturday(4):The Voice

On Saturdays I usually post movies that I love but it's getting boring so from now on I will include anything that I have seen on TV:both shows and movies.Today I want to tell you :I'm not a big fan of the X Factor or American Idol.I think that it's unfair to judge someone on how they look first and then on how they sing.But The voice is so unique and entertaining and the judges are so much fun to watch.Blake,Adam,Christina and Cee Lo are the perfect team!:)
If you want to know how the show works,Wikipedia's the expert:)
I'm thinking of drawing a portrait of one the judges.I know I haven't posted one in a long time and I should do Catherine  Heigl first but I'm looking forward to an Adam Levine portrait.
Any thoughts?

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