Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Liebster Award

Hey there :)
I was excited to be awarded a Liebster Award by the wonderful Danica!Thanks so much!
If you don't know how this works, I have to answer 11 questions that Danica asked,say 11 facts about myself ,make up 11 questions and give other 11 bloggers this award. Notice how I use the words "award"and "11" too much? :D

Anyway,moving on to the questions that Danica asked:
1. What is your favourite color?My favorite color is purple. I started liking it when I became a fan of a local football(soccer) team that had a purple-white equipment  but it still is my favorite now after I lost interest in the team.
2.Dogs or Cats?That's a hard one :) I think dogs are more energetic and cats lazier. But because I had a couple of nasty experiences with dogs,I pick cats.
3.Most Favourite Book?The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje. I think it was the first book that made me want to see the  movie,too.And I rarely watch the movie and read the book.
4.What is the Place you want to visit?Since I love traveling,I'm not picky about my travel destinations.To name a few: Israel,Italy,the USA,Australia,Finland(I'm actually going there this summer)
5.Is your blog related with your life or work?Maybe,a little bit. I do artistic "activities' in my everyday life and that reflects in my drawings and posts.
6.What would you blog about your city?There would be some things I could blog about like cultural events,concerts,landmarks,the history of the city .
7.How do you plan your posts?I don't really plan anything.If I get an idea for a blog post while I'm on the computer,I just write it.If I get an idea throughout the day,I'll most likely forget it before I get home :) 
8.What would you DIY?Clothes. I think it would be fun to make my own clothes .
9.Do you have ambitions for your blog? If so, what are they?I just want to see it grow and I want to start writing more posts and also diversify the topics I discuss on my blog.
10.What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a blog?If that's what you want and if it makes you feel good,just do it.It doesn't matter that in the first few months you probably won't have a lot of people reading your blog.In time,if you write content that you're passionate about,people will start noticing.Think of it like this: Your blog is like a public  diary(minus the intimate details :P)
11.Do you write and photograph all your content?Not all of it,but I try to put photos that are my own.And yes,mostly,what I write is my own.
11 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF1.I like watching (and occasionally) playing football very much.I grew up more like a tomboy than a girly girl :)
2.I can't go a day without singing and I would like to join a choir someday.
3.I think that mint filled chocolate and tomato soup are the best things ever :)
4.I enjoy hiking and traveling. I would jump at the chance of going on a tour around the world(preferably in more than 80 days)
5.I insisted on getting my driving license as soon as possible but I'm scared of driving.
6.I rarely fall asleep when I'm in a vehicle even if I haven't  gotten any sleep in a long time and I'm extremely tired.
7.I dream almost every night and I remember dreams that I had 6-7 years ago.
8.My favorite literary genre is non-fictional(mostly psychology)
9.I have no siblings.
10.I want to break a world record somehow :P
11.I'm a religious person.

And now,11 questions that you,dear blogger that I nominate,will have to answer:
1.What is your favorite thing about the season in which you were born?2.Water or soda?3.What types of movies do you enjoy?4.What is a talent that only a few people know you have?5.What determined you to start blogging?6.How do you define love?7.Jeans or leggings?8.What is one thing you like about your hometown?9.Did you go/are you going to college?What did you study/are you studying?10.If life gave you lemons,what would you do? :P11.Do you still see yourself blogging in 5 years from now?

The bloggers that I nominate are:


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination, and congrats on yours!
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  2. Thank you so much dear for nominated me!!! Congrats!!!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  3. Wow thanks a lot for the nomination, I didn't see that coming!!

    Kisses and chocolates *

  4. Awww, this is awesome, my love.

    Thank you sooo much, dear. Such an honour!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!


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